Like a visit to my Grandmother’s – Best B&B in New Zealand

Bob and Marie Macdonald  from Ottawa, Canada

What makes the Bayview B&B Home Stay such a delightful, welcoming and friendly place to stay can be summed up in one word. And that word is ‘Margaret’, the owner. While Margaret is a grandmother several times over (lucky grandchildren!), she is more like the person you have known all your life and count among the best of your friends. The evening we were lucky enough to stay with her, the house was full of other guests, family and friends. Upon arrival we were immediately invited to the kitchen table for tea and home made cake and included in the conversation as if we were friends or relatives who had just dropped in and not strangers from another country.

Margaret has a great sense of humour and her actions just confirm that she enjoys meeting and making her guests feel like they are truly at home. When we got back from dinner, we were again asked to gather around the table to meet one of her daughters and her husband who had popped in and we spent a couple of delightful hours swapping travel experiences with them, Margaret and with other guests from New Zealand, Japan and England.

Margaret is up early in the morning to make breakfast and since you eat in the kitchen, it is just like being at home. Indeed, my wife and I have never felt more at “home” while travelling than we did at Margaret’s. (Check out her garden too – amazing!).

Margaret, when you get to your 10,000th guest next year, they will be special, but just as special as have the other 9,999 who have had the pleasure to meet you and to be part of your household for however long they stayed with you. Thanks for making our stay such a great one.


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